What does this mean for the local community and where to from here?

When will construction begin?

Subject to final approvals, construction should begin around mid 2012, and take approximately four years to complete. The Moree Solar Farm should therefore be fully operational by the end of 2015.

What happens now, and how do we find out more?

We will continue to communicate regularly with the local community as we move through the next stage of planning and preparation. We plan to appoint a community engagement officer in Moree, and arrange regular public briefings and focus group meetings. We will also stay in close touch with Council and other local groups. Of course we will continue to update our project website and distribute newsletters and other materials.

Will the construction process impact on local seasonal work?

Responding to community feedback, we are aware that the local industries are seasonal and therefore we will be working closely with them to maximise the benefits of our employment opportunities in the local community.

How many local jobs will be created?

Several hundred jobs - both direct and indirect – will be created or sustained during the four-year construction phase. We can’t say for sure how many of these jobs will be local, but we will be working with the community to maximise their opportunities.

What kind of jobs will be created?

During the construction phase the project will mainly require construction workers, technicians, engineers, electricians, welders and site maintenance staff. Post construction, the project will require site managers, security staff, maintenance and administration personnel.

Is there a commitment to local indigenous employment?

The consortium is committed to working with the local community, employment agencies and training bodies to provide indigenous employment opportunities.

What impact will construction have on local traffic?

A thorough assessment of traffic and transport implications has been undertaken and will be available for public viewing on our website. Whilst the project may create an increase in traffic near the project site, with a new ring-road in place we do not believe there will be an impact in the town of Moree itself. A thorough consultation has taken place and will continue throughout further planning and construction phases.

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