Moree Solar Farm Construction Update

Construction began in February this year and is progressing well. Site works involve the installation of 56 one megawatt solar collection arrays comprising piles, trackers and photovoltaic modules. 

Piles: The piles are the structural elements that hold the trackers and PV modules in place. The steel piles are being manufactured by an Australian company and are around 3.6m long. Installation is 50% complete with 17,000 of 31,000 piles successfully installed. 

Trackers: The Moree Solar Farm project will be the first large scale facility in Australia to utilise a tracking system. The tracker is attached to the piles and a drive mechanism is used to orientate the panels towards the sun, moving from east to west throughout the course of the day. Each tracker supports 80 PV modules and the Moree project requires 2800 trackers. Tracker installation is over 30% complete with 767 trackers successfully installed. 

PV Modules: The PV Modules capture the sun's energy, converting it into electricity. Approximately 2m x 1m in size, each PV module is capable of producing 315 watts of power. Covering an area of more than 440,000 square meters, or 110 acres, Moree Solar farm will comprise over 220,000 modules. Installation has recently commenced and is over 12% complete with 27,300 successfully installed. 

The construction of the new power line is approximately 90% complete, with all new poles installed and stringing activities currently underway. Once this section of the line is complete the EPC contractor will shift their focus to upgrading the existing Moree-Bellata power line.

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