Happy New Year from Moree Solar Farm

Following the installation of over 222,800 solar photovoltaic (PV) modules the solar farm is being prepared for full energisation and commercial operation in early 2016. Works are ongoing to commission all of the 28 power stations prior to energisation together with finalising all the interconnection works between the farm and the electricity grid. This includes the 22/66kV substation and switch-yard located within the solar farm which is now substantially built.

The successful operation of a solar farm of this scale and nature demands bespoke and highly sophisticated control and data acquisition systems which will also continually monitor every aspect of the solar farm from the status of each individual tracking unit through to the instantaneous energy generation of the solar farm. All communications, control and data acquisition systems are currently being integrated into the solar farm’s control centre. 

Following the completion of all interconnection and communication works the solar farm will undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with all grid connection and operational requirements.

The previous year has been a fascinating one for Moree Solar Farm and we are looking forward to 2016 with great excitement.

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