Who is Moree Solar Farm Pty Ltd (MSF)?

MSF is a subsidiary of FRV.

FRV is a leading global solar development company with approximately 3GW of active project development in the emerging solar markets including Australia.

Since 2006, the management team has completed the construction, operation, maintenance and financing of over 450 MW of photovoltaic and CSP solar energy plants. Such projects represent more than $2 billion in total financings with more than 20 leading banks.

What is MSF proposing?


Size or amount

Approximate capacity



Solar PV-Polycrystalline modules with horizontal tracking

Panel height

Approx. 2.5-3m above ground level

Estimated annual greenhouse gas abatement

95,000 tonnes Co2 equivalent

Estimated homes supplied


Water savings

Approx.165,000 mega litres of clean drinking water compared to a coal-fired power station

Operating life

30 years

Number of jobs

Around 100 workers will be required to construct the project and during operation around 5 jobs will be created.

Project benefits

A successful solar farm provides more benefits than simply generating clean energy. It creates local job opportunities, brings investment to the area, supports local community initiatives and adds to tourism.

When the project moves into operation, MSF aims to be an active member of the community by returning a yet to be determined portion of the project’s revenue into the community.  Where possible, MSF will employ local staff to manage the ongoing operations and maintenance of the solar farm. 

The solar farm will generate significant environmental, economic and social benefits including:

  • Creating employment opportunities both in and around Moree; 
  • Delivering additional indirect economic opportunities (such as using local café’s, accommodation and petrol stations); 
  • Creating significant job opportunities through construction and ongoing jobs during operation thus boosting the local and regional economy; 
  • Creating opportunities for the indigenous community; 
  • Furthering the development of the Australian solar PV industry; 
  • Ensuring community collaboration in the project development, including in the design and implementation of a community grants program; 
  • Delivering new clean electricity to meet Australia’s energy needs and contribute to meeting Australia’s national Renewable Energy Target. Avoiding up to 95,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution every year; 
  • Producing enough electricity to power the equivalent of over 15,000 NSW homes; 
  • Water savings - A similar amount of electricity produced by a coal-fired power station would use around 165,000 mega litres of clean drinking water each year.

Why Moree?

During the site selection process over 50 locations across Australia were identified and assessed for development potential. Of these Moree, known locally as big sky country, and taking its name from a Kamilaroi word meaning ‘rising sun’, was identified as the best location for this large scale solar project due to the intense levels of solar radiation experienced in the area, the large amount of flat land available, good transport links and proximity to the national electricity grid.

What happens next?

Over the coming six months MSF will be focused on: 

  • Establishing commercial feasibility; 
  •  Finalising some planning and interconnection activities; 
  • Shortlisting EPC contractors; 
  • Continuing the rollout of our Community Consultation Plan – including the Community Reference Group